Sermon: There is a God Who Cries for Man Print
Sunday, 09 October 2011 17:42

In certain dark times of our lives, we have cried bitterly about our losses and sufferings.  When grieving, people wonder if there is a God Who can understand how they feel.  Many do not think so and believe the Lord is like a Puppeteer just playing with humans like mere puppets under His control.  He is not all about holiness and rage that He would not spend any time caring for His children who are hurting.  He is a sympathetic and sensitive God as well.  Although the Creator made every single atom in the universe, becomes angry with the sins of men, and fills up all the vastness in outer space, He would stoop and shed tears for frail creatures like us.  Do not forget how the Almighty came down as flesh and cried like a man as well.  He has been through hurt before.  He has tasted sorrow before.  He certainly knows what it is like to cry to the point of breaking out drops of sweat as if they were great drops of blood.  If you feel like you are about to cry your heart out, then remember a man named Jesus who went through the same as you.  The shortest yet one of the greatest verses in the Authorized Version unlike how other versions would read it: 


John 11:35
Jesus wept.


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