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Saturday, 19 March 2011 02:20

This audio will cover over 25 verses from dozens of different bible versions.  After listening to this one session, the audience will be fully convinced to at least have second thoughts and questions concerning the issues with certain verses in these versions.  The teacher promises that ALL modern bibles will at least have three of the issues covered in this discussion.  The Bible version issue has been a great controversy among many Christian churches.  They think that all bibles are practically the same.  After all, they are supposedly updating "archaic" words for modern man to understand.  This is why a great number of ministers would criticize KJV-Only Bible-believers.  But after this study, you will discover these following issues with the modern bibles:  "Didn't you know they say God was a created Being?"  "Didn't you know they say Jesus is the Devil?"  "Didn't you know they made God a false prophet and liar in Mark 1:2-3?"  "Didn't you know they cut off nearly one whole chapter of the Bible and nearly two other chapters as well?" "Didn't you know they support the New Age ideal that spirit is God, God is spirit?  "Didn't you know they made Jesus a man in Luke 2:33?"  "Didn't you know the New King James Version, which is supposedly an update of the King James Bible, is misleading people to take the mark of the beast?"  "Didn't you know that the modern versions teach the same doctrines as the Jehovah's Witnesses?"



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