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We went up a hillside (where a lot of rich people lived).  At one door that I knocked on, I remember the Mormon woman who opened the door.  She told me that salvation can be earned by faith in Jesus Christ.  Stop?  Nope.  She continued saying salvation was earned with keeping the commandments and getting baptized.  She was going to quickly close the door on me, but before she could react, I answered her that God disagreed with her statement.  This sparked her curiosity, and I opened the scriptures to her.  I explained to her that no works are included in salvation according to Titus 3:5.  She did not oppose the idea that salvation was by grace without works, but she disagreed that baptism was unnecessary for salvation. 

I read Titus 3:5 to her again about "Not by works of righteousness."  Then I turned to Matthew 3:13-15 where Jesus said baptism is a work of righteousness.  She was held back and replied, "I can't answer to that.  But there are many interpretations to scriptures, and it is important to get the right interpretation.  That is why we have God's prophets to show us what the correct interpretations are.  Those verses you showed are just according to your interpretation."  Throughout my soul-winning experience, I have heard countless people attack verses used from the Bible by claiming them as according to other people's interpretations.  This is an attempted excuse to destroy truth.  I first asked her if there was a good reason to prove what I said was my made-up interpretation.  I also declared her that I just simply read to her what the scriptures said, not interpreting her what the scriptures mean.  She could not oppose what I explained.  I continued, "You can go to the Mormon church all you want to find the correct interpretation of the scriptures.  But there is no denying to the fact that they are all men.  And we know that mankind is capable of making mistakes and always has!  We need the infallible God to reveal us the truth.  He is the Only One who does not make mistakes!  Jesus said that the Spirit will guide us to all truth.  If you will just sincerely pray to God for the truth, He will give it to you.  He displays it through the scriptures." 

There was silence for several seconds.  I held my breath, "God please convict her!"  She responded, "Well, I have been searching the truth all my life.  I've got to go.  I must be doing my business now."  I made one last plea, "Let me just show you one more verse from the Bible, and we will leave."  She permitted me, so I turned to I Corinthians 1:17.  I made it clear to her that Paul's mission was to preach the gospel in order for souls to get saved (I Cor. 1:17 with 15:1-2).  But Paul said his mission was not to baptize (I Cor. 1:17)!  If salvation of souls was by baptism, how come Paul did not believe it?  She was stumped, "I cannot say anything against that."  Then she soon closed the door. 

I was sad, and I went to another house.  This time, a Roman Catholic opened the door.  She believed salvation was attained by good works.  I quickly explained Ephesians 2:8-9 to her.  She did not seem to be interested and would have closed the door until I urged her, "Let me show you real quickly how to go to Heaven.  Real quickly."  I did not wait for her response.  I was scared of her rejection to the gospel, so I immediately turned to Romans 3:23 and discussed the whole gospel to her.  I told her about sin, hell, God's love, Christ's blood, good works, repentance, belief, and confession.  She patiently listened to the entire witnessing.  As I came to Romans 10:9, I explained that this confession was not simply confessing sins to a priest for God's intercession.  The confession was between her and God about believing everything she heard from the gospel.  I finally asked her the big question, "Would you like to confess your belief in the gospel to God for salvation?"  There was silence for a few seconds.  I was thinking, "Oh, God!  Do not let her be hesitant then reject the gospel, like the Mormon lady!"  Her answer was, "Yes."  At that moment, a saved Roman Catholic woman received salvation and knew for certain that her eternity was Heaven, not purgatory.  

Throughout my life, I have seen more Roman Catholics saved than Mormons.  The sad reason is because the Mormons have been trained by their "prophets" to retaliate the Bible used by many Christians.  They were grounded into thinking every church in the world is corrupted while the Mormon church stands as the only truth.  Oh, how I wish that there will come a day when as many Mormons will accept the gospel truth as the Roman Catholics.  Somebody must free their chains from Satan's two dark fortresses:  Mormonism and Roman Catholicism.  But there are not many soul winners!  Will you be the one?
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