Fierce Unbeliever Who Used to Believe in God Print
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 11:37

I came across one door and knocked.  A young adult opened the door.  His age was around mid-twenties.  I smiled and handed him a tract.  He looked at me with an ill-favored expression.  I can tell that he knows what I am.  I asked him, "If you were to die right now, do you know for certain if you would go to Heaven?"  He told me that Heaven and Hell are not real.  The only authority that I could use to counter that argument was the King James Bible.  I told him why I believe there was a Heaven and a Hell because of what the Bible said.  I showed him all the prophetic, scientific, historical, and medical statements that the Bible predicted before mankind could ever discover them.  I proved to him how God's words were far more wise than the wisdom of scholars.  But the young man attended college, and he brought up attack after attack to disprove the authority of the Bible. 

For one proof of the authority of the Bible, I mentioned to him that the Bible said the world was round, and scholars never knew and attacked that fact until today.  The young man argued, "But you can't prove the Bible is fully true just because it said the world was round.  Leonardo discussed about the reality and mechanisms of tanks before the scholars today were able to find that out."  I prayed for wisdom and continued witnessing to him. 

The argument dragged on for 30 minutes.  The young man would just not get convicted one bit.  He questioned why I believed God was real.  I pointed my finger at a plant and asked him, "What made that plant?"  He answered to me that it was some scientific element (I didn't know what it was).  I asked him, "Okay, then what made that?"  He looked puzzled and answered with another scientific element.  I continued, "Okay, then what made that?"  He looked surprised and answered with another scientific element.  I asked again, "Okay, then what made that?"  I kept on asking the same question until he finally blurted out, "I don't know!"  I answered him, "You see that?  You will have to conclude three things.  1) A thing that existed for eternity created that plant.  But that is obviously impossible (the second law of thermodynamics).  2)  The plant was created out of nothing.  Of course, that is ridiculous (the first law of thermodynamics).  3) A supremely intelligent Designer created the plant.  This conclusion makes a lot more sense, because everyone knows a designer created something.  That watch you wear did not exist forever, neither was it created out of nothing.  You know that it took a designer to make that watch." 

He could not oppose what I said, but insistently argued, "You never saw God before, so how can you believe there is a God?"  I answered, "You never saw anyone build that apartment complex over there, but you know a designer made that.  So, what makes you doubt a Designer made the universe, just because you didn't see him?"  His mind would just not budge.  I was being grieved in spirit.  Whenever I brought a scientific or historical fact that proved the authority of the Bible, he kept using the question, "How do you know that they didn't make that up?  That they planned to make it all fake?"  I suddenly said, "You know what?  Why do you believe Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address?  You believe that because of what you read in historical facts.  But for all you know, a couple of historians could have gotten together and hatched up a plan to deceive today's Americans in believing that Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address!"  He got quiet.  I did not finish.  I continued, "Whenever facts are in front of you, you can't say impulsively it was all made up!"  The young man stopped his arguments. 

Later, I found out he used to believe in God, and his grandfather (an apostate Presbyterian pastor) tried to convert him.  He told me that he tried to find the truth through everything and even asked God to reveal him the truth.  I told him, "Well, it was no coincidence that God answered your prayer by sending me here to show you the truth."  He was silent.  It was getting dark, I showed him one verse -- Revelation 21:8.  After I read him the verse, I said to him, "If this verse is right, then you, as a sinner, will burn in hell forever after you die.  That is why I am here in front of your door showing you the Bible."  He was thinking seriously and told me that he will consider everything I said.  Although I was only able to give him one verse throughout the entire one hour discussion, I was glad that single verse made him think sincerely about the eternity of his soul.  He closed the door.  I could not lead him to Christ, but maybe God will someday open his heart to receive Christ for salvation. 

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