Quick Witnessing During a Short Break in the Rain Print
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 09:58

The weather was cloudy.  It was about to rain.  The soldiers in Christ were assembling together for preparation to rescue some souls from Hell.  Right after Mr. Park (our church song leader) and I finished with four houses, a drop of rain fell on my head.  I was sincerely praying, "Oh, God, not yet!  Just please give us one soul today before it rains."  It seemed as if God did not answer that prayer, and rain began to pour like there wasn't any tomorrow.  I was disappointed, and we ran to the cars.  We were all set to leave, but two of our brethren (Jaewook Joo and Joshua Park) were witnessing to an old Asian man.  We waited for 15 minutes, and God stopped the rain (For a while!).

My dad saw two girls walking up the streets.  He told me to witness to them.  I was hesitant, because the rain could fall again.  But somehow the Holy Ghost "kicked" me, and I ran toward the girls.  I gave them tracts, and I asked them if they were saved.  They replied, "Oh, yeah.  We're saved.  We accepted Jesus in our hearts."  Normally, some Christians would think they are saved and say, "Praise the Lord that you are saved!"  But today, thousands of churches (including Catholics, and I could give you examples) also believe "accepting Christ in their hearts" is salvation.  So, I was doubtful.  I found out what the girls meant by "accepting Jesus in your heart."  They meant by living the good life.  They also told me they went to Rick Warren's Saddleback Church and that they heard the "gospel."  I answered them with Ephesians 2:8-9 and started to give them the right gospel.  I was dumb enough to not bring my Bible, but one of my fellow comrades-in-Christ (Caleb Park) assisted me and gave me the weapon (the Bible)!  In the middle of witnessing, the clouds made a rumbling sound.  I looked up and said, "Oh, boy, that's not good."  I prayed, "God, not yet, please!" 

I continued witnessing to them, and the girls listened intently.  I finally asked them if they wanted to ask Christ to save them.  They replied with an earnest "Yes".  I was happy, and those girls bowed their heads and asked Christ to save their souls.  The girls were crying, and one of them said, "Wow! That was heavy!"  I explained to them about not confusing their feelings with salvation (like many Charismatics do).  But I said to them, "But it's good to have that feeling, huh?  To know that salvation is real!"  They heartily agreed and thanked me.  They said they wanted to come to our church, but we will not truly know until we see them.  While I walked back to the car, I was deeply angered of how Rick Warren deceives his church members (like those two girls) about "accepting Jesus in your hearts," without clearly explaining it!  For all you know, it could be referring to good works, like those two girls thought!  

When I got back to the car, Jaewook Joo and Joshua Park were able to lead that old Asian man to Christ.  Praise God!  While my father and I were riding in the car, rain immediately began to pour.  What an answer to prayer!  God granted my request and held back the rain until (not just one soul) three souls got saved!  A soul winner can learn God can answer prayers, even if they do not seem like it.  Another lesson that the soul winner can learn is to grab the opportunity of leading souls to Christ, even if rain is going to fall soon.  Those two girls would have never heard the gospel and would have continued to attend Rick Warren's church without any salvation.  But God used my father to make me shine the gospel to those lost souls.  This time, they did accept Jesus in their hearts! 
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