The Almost-Saved Skeptic Print
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 12:18

Our church was preaching on the streets of Tustin, California.  I saw one young person passing by, and I handed him a Chick tract.  He looked at the tract with a funny look.  Rather than letting him go away, I quickly asked him, "If you were to die right now, are you sure you are going to Heaven after you die?"  He gave me a hesitant look and replied there were many religions and beliefs.  I answered my belief was right not because of my church, religion, or philosophy, but because of the Bible.  Why do I believe there is a hell?  Why do I believe Jesus is God?  Why do I believe in the existence of God?  The solution to all questions is because the Bible says so.  The final authority is not by a certain religion, philosophy, scholar, or education.  The final authority is the Bible. 

Of course, the young man was skeptical.  So, I answered him with the authority of the Bible.  I gave him examples of mathematical probabilities, medical proofs, and scientific facts, which backed up the Bible and confounded the intellect of man.  Like one verse said, "The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men."  I told that skeptic how can he trust himself more than the Bible when mankind always makes mistakes, rather than the Bible.  The skeptic was silent, but he was still not under conviction.  I said to him, "Since you do not have any arguments to make, I will tell you about the gospel."  The skeptic nodded his head.  What a chance!  So, I told him the whole gospel about hell, God's love, repentance, and salvation.  After I gave the gospel, I asked the skeptic, "Would you like to ask Christ to save your soul?"  He said that he was not quite ready to believe all that I said. 

With a burden, I made a last stand.  I explained to him with an illustration, "You know what?  You heard the infallible proofs of the Bible.  All mathematical, historical, scientific, and medical facts prove the Bible to be true.  Let's say there was an old man who said 99 statements that had chances of 1 out of 150,000.  But they all came to be true.  Now, the old man says one more statement which did not happen yet, 'A hurricane is going to come to this town.  If I were you, I would leave this town.'  When a weather forecaster (who does not make statements that have chances of 1 out of 150,000) said a hurricane was coming, you would listen and leave.  So, wouldn't you be smart enough to simply leave the town and see that hurricane coming?  I mean, that is easy enough to do, right?"  The skeptic agreed.  I pulled my attack on him, "I already gave you the proofs.  The Bible said statements that had chances of 1 out of 150,000.  And they were more than just 99 statements!  And they were proven to be true!  Now, there is one more statement in the Bible which did not happen yet.  It is warning you to simply escape from hell.  You don't see Hell moving and coming for you.  But it's coming.  And when it comes, it will be too late for you."  The skeptic was amazed.  There was silence for a while.  The skeptic gave me his response, "I just can't believe it yet.  But you made me think about it." 

I asked him what further doubts he had, but he just told me that he could not believe it yet.  He shook my hand and thanked me for my witnessing.  He said, "That last illustration made me think seriously about salvation."  Then he turned his head and went away.  I was sad that I could not lead him to Christ, but God was able to make him think seriously about salvation.  On the other parts of the streets, my fellow comrades-in-Christ were able to lead three souls to Christ through street preaching.  While one soul may not get saved, a few more could.  Out on the streets, God can use you to convict a skeptic or lead other souls to salvation.         

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