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Wednesday, 24 June 2009 12:01

The streets of Los Angeles is my favorite place to preach.  The one place where we were preaching at is in front of Los Angeles Korean Baptist church.  Like many Southern Korean Baptist churches, they will talk about Jesus and give the sinner's prayer, but their members do not see the clear message of salvation.  I saw four teenagers, who attended that church, walk by the street.  I gave them tracts and asked them if they knew they were going to Heaven after death.  Of course, like many Southern Baptists, they answered, "Yes."  I asked them, "How do you get to Heaven?"  They gave me all the answers that they learned from a typical Southern Baptist church.  "You believe Jesus is the Son of God."  "You ask God for forgiveness of sins."  "You must say the sinner's prayer."  "You accept Jesus in your heart."  I told them that all religions do the same things, but they are not going to Heaven.  As for "accepting Jesus in your heart" business, I asked them what did they mean by that term, because many religions say they do that as well, but do not actually accept Jesus in their hearts.  (There was an incident when my father asked a Catholic about how to enter Heaven.  The Catholic said it was by accepting Jesus in the heart.  But he later said it was by good works!)  The four teens could not explain about how to get to Heaven.

They finally said they did not know how to get to Heaven.  I started witnessing to them about the gospel.  But the devil moved by sending two more teenagers, who said to the ones whom I was witnessing, "Hey, let's go!  We're going to the church!"  The five teens were getting pressured.  I quickly prayed for God to make them listen to the gospel.  I replied quickly to them, "Hey, I know you've gotta get going, but you guys don't know how to get to Heaven.  And you guys are headed for a Hell that can burn you forever.  You don't wanna go there, do you?"  They nodded their heads.  I continued witnessing.  By the grace of God, they all stayed and understood the entire gospel that I preached to them.  The devil could not interrupt their attention.  Glory! 

I recited Romans 10:9 and told them the difference between praying to Christ for salvation and repeating a prayer at church.  "Just repeating a prayer that you heard at church does not save you!  The prayer that saves you is by your own heart.  This prayer is a special prayer between you and God.  It is confessing to God everything that you just heard now, everything that you now believe.  You guys never heard the salvation message preached like this before, have you?"  They agreed.  I asked them, "Do you want to ask Christ to save your souls right now?"  They looked at each other and were hesitant.  I knew that teenagers will not receive Christ unless their "buddies" do it, too.  It was becoming a risky situation, and I prayed for God to convict their hearts.  Praise God!  They all wanted to receive Christ.  There was no opposition from one of them.  They bowed their heads and asked Christ to save their souls. 

It must be realized that today's Southern Baptist churches are responsible for leading their precious church members to Hell.  Rather than declaring the whole counsel of God and the gospel to their church members, all they do is preach what is appealing to their church members, or they focus on making "Christian" programs and activities for the benefit of society.  What a rare blessing that God has given to me!  God has given me four teenagers to lead to salvation, and those four teens were already trained with the gospel knowledge in their heads without actually receiving the salvation of their souls.   

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