Some Teens Will Get Saved and Some Will Mock Print
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 10:53

While I was preaching the gospel on the street, a few teenagers with their skateboards approached me.  I handed them gospel tracts, and one of them asked me, "What are you @%** doing?"  I ignored his cussing and replied that we were showing people how to get to Heaven and to escape from Hell.  The teenagers laughed at me, and I warned them about how dreadful Hell will be for them throughout eternity.  They laughed, and one of them tore the tract to pieces.  They went away with their skateboards while mocking me.  I preached at them about God recording those sins at the Judgment and they would be without excuse.  About ten minutes later, they returned and brought an adult with them.  I thought the teenagers brought the adult to stop our street preaching, but thank God, they just passed us by and mocked us. 

I continued preaching at the street corners, but those teenagers went across the street and kept cussing loudly.  Of course, my voice was louder and clearer than theirs, so their screams did not bother me a bit. 


Later, two younger teens approached me.  I stopped them and gave them some tracts.  Before they could leave, I asked them if they were sure that they were going to Heaven after death.  They answered that they could go to Heaven by asking God for forgiveness of sins and by going to church.  I told them about Ephesians 2:8-9 and explained the gospel to them.  But Satan moved by sending the same adult and teenagers (who mocked me) to return.  I prayed quickly in my mind, and God pushed them away, but the adult, who accompanied them, stayed right next to the younger teens and me.  He appeared to be drunk and gave us scary looks.  The younger teens got a little nervous and ignored my witnessing.  I can tell my gospel witnessing could fail with that drunken man.  God gave me some wisdom, and I told the younger teens, "Let's go over to that side of the street since a lot of cars are making noise over here."  The younger teens followed me, and God kept that drunken man from ruining the gospel message.  Five minutes later, the two young teens bowed their heads and asked Christ to save their souls.  Bless God!  Right after I finished witnessing to them, the same teenagers (who mocked me) returned again.  One of them got mad at the newly-saved teens, "Are you really listening to all that @%**?"  Their scorns were thirty seconds late.  I was already done witnessing.  The two young teens already got saved, so God protected my gospel message.  The young teens ignored the scorns and just left.  As for the drunken man, God moved on one of our brethren, Joshua Park, to give him a gospel tract.  My father told me that the drunkard looked at the tract and was crying.  Maybe God was working on his heart.  After the newly-saved teens left, the lost teenagers grabbed the drunken man and left while cussing at me again.  I did not care.  My voice was louder and clearer than theirs.  So, I just continued street preaching.  Whenever a Christian preaches on the streets, there are some teens who may get saved and some who may mock.

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