City of Irvine Hates Street Preaching Print
Wednesday, 24 June 2009 10:50

It was our first time street preaching in Irvine, California.  In that area, there are a lot of wealthier people who live there.  I expected trouble would come since these type of people would be easily offended with the gospel preached at them.  The devil also knew and started his move.  As we were street preaching in front of the Korean market, many of the people were getting offended.  The manager and market workers suddenly came out.  Did they complain to us men who were preaching?  No, they did not.  Instead, they complained to the ladies.  Were they afraid or something?  My father noticed them and talked with them.  At first, the manager said, "I believe in Jesus, and I am religious as well, but could you not preach at our market?  Some of our customers are mad at your preaching.  Why don't you preach to that side away from us?"  My father responded, "I cannot do that.  Our main job was to preach to the Koreans."  The manager soon became enraged.  As a man was walking by the manager and my father, he started loudly swearing at our preaching.  My father rebuked him.  The manager angrily cried, "Why are you yelling at my customer?"  The manager and his workers left and called the police.  I prayed for God to help us.

I saw the Irvine police car driving up to the Korean market parking lot.  The police and the market manager talked for quite a while.  The manager's face looked disgusted.  That seemed to be unusual.  I figured that maybe the manager knew the police would not be able to kick us out of the streets.  However, it was too good to be true, because the police approached my father.  I was sincerely praying, "Oh, God, please make them allow us to freely preach the gospel, so these souls can be given the truth of salvation!"  One of the police was a woman, and she was "teaching" my father how to preach.  How absurd!  The devil did what he could to stop us, but God's hand was upon us.  The police could not restrict us from preaching the gospel, but the woman police officer tried persuading us to not preach the gospel.  At the same time, the market manager and his workers were watching the conversation and were hoping we would leave in defeat.  The woman police officer asked my father, "Do you think people will actually listen to you this way?"  My father answered, "Yeah, they do.  I have done this for over ten years and have seen people respond to the gospel."  She asked my father, "I don't think people will gladly approve of your style of preaching."  My father answered, "Yes, they do.  We had people from the neighborhoods and markets encouraging us and giving us free water."  I did not witness the entire discussion, but I did see our fellow soldiers in Christ continue preaching loudly at the market while the police were conversing with my father.  I can imagine the manager and his workers, who were watching the whole incident, did not like that at all!  They probably got even more angry! 

Minutes later, the police finished with us and talked to the market manager and his workers.  They got mad and went back to their market, unable to prevent us from preaching the gospel.  The Irvine police car left the market, unable to prevent us from preaching the gospel.  The upset customers could not complain to the market anymore, unable to prevent us from preaching the gospel.  The devil did not put any more hindrances in our path, unable to prevent us from preaching the gospel.  Praise the Lord!  With no one having the power to stop us with God's grace, we preached boldly about sin, Hell, God's love, and the free gift of salvation.  We had people walking by us still scorning, cursing, and looking at us with disgust.  But I also saw people listening intently to our street preaching while not passing a green traffic light.  We closed with two songs about the blood of Christ, and I ended our street preaching by shouting out two sentences three times:  "JESUS SAVES!  DON'T BURN IN HELL!" 

In the past, I have seen market workers first being rude to us about our street preaching, but months later, they got used to us and even had a good relationship with us.  I pray that the Korean market in Irvine, like other markets, will also accept us some day.
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