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Wednesday, 24 June 2009 10:39

We were knocking on doors and witnessing the gospel.  One particular door opened, and a man with long hair and wearing short shorts appeared before me.  I handed him a gospel tract and asked him if he was sure to go to Heaven after death.  He asked if I believed in a literal Hell-fire.  I answered simply, "Yes."  I was thinking, "Oh, no.  This guy is a Jehovah's Witness.  Sure as you live and breathe!"  What do you think?  Yes!  It was a Jehovah's Witness.  But a confusing thought is he had long hair and was wearing short shorts!  A more correct term would be ex-Jehovah's Witness.  From what I found out, he used to be religious, and his relatives attended the Kingdom Hall.  But for some reason, he turned his satisfaction to the world and lived like one ever since.  As I was explaining to him about the plan of salvation, he kept saying, "You are taking those words out of context.  You are interpreting the passages yourself."  What Bible-believing soul-winners will experience is Jehovah's Witnesses will always interrupt you, twist your words, and insist your "interpretation" of the verses are wrong.  I dealt with them before, and I must admit they have confused me by their twisting of words and changing of subjects.  After battle after battle, I (as a Christian soldier) was ready this time to fight this dark warfare. 

The J.W. (Jehovah's Witness) said Hell was not literal fire.  I turned to Luke 16 and revealed to him that hell was a literal fire where you can feel and taste the flames.  Of course, how Jehovah's Witnesses counter this is by declaring, "The story of the rich man in Hell is a parable!  And parables are not real life!"  Those were the words that the J.W. said to me.  I answered back, "Where did Jesus claim Luke 16 as a parable?  Will you please show me?"  He could not.  However, he stubbornly mouthed out, "That is your interpretation.  You are not looking at the whole context of the scriptures."  I asked him, "Then can you tell me what is the correct interpretation of this passage?"  He shot back, "I never said that!  I just said you took the whole context out of the scriptures...(Typical Jehovah's Witnesses will keep on talking and eventually change the subject)"  I stopped him, "THEN WILL YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE CORRECT INTERPRETATION OF THIS PASSAGE?  If you claim I twisted the scriptures, then you surely know the correct interpretation of the scriptures, right?"  He changed the subject and said again, "Luke 16 was a parable about the rich man in hell.  You cannot prove to me that Luke 16 was not a parable.  You cannot prove Hell as a literal fire." I turned to Mark 9:43-46 and revealed to him that hell was a literal fire.  He replied, "No, it is Gehenna.  And Gehenna is a dump where the trash burns and worms are crawling all over."  I used the book of Psalms and Isaiah where the prophets wrote the sinners are worms burned in fire.  He explained, "That is your interpretation.  You are taking the verses out of context.  You are not looking at the main idea of the verses.  Look at the main idea of the verses that you used in Mark 9:43-46.  The main idea is about the burning of sin.  Notice Jesus said to cut off your hand, because it is better to get it mutilated, rather than feeling the burn.  The burn and the fire are the burning guilt you feel inside you.  It is the burning guilt of your sins!"  That was his interpretation of the passage.  Then he continued, "See?  When you look at the main idea of the verse, you can understand the Bible clearly."  I prayed to God for wisdom. 

I told him, "If you keep insisting to look at the main idea of the verse and drop other parts of what the verse said, you are not giving the right explanation of the Bible."  Suddenly, God gave me a verse of scripture in my mind.  Satan moved the J.W. to interrupt me, but I quickly quoted Romans 3:23 to him.  What?  Why, for the lack of common sense, did I quote a small, easy verse like Romans 3:23?  The J.W.'s facial expression was puzzled and did not understand why I would quote Romans 3:23 to him.  I opened my attack from the sword of the Spirit, "Notice the main idea of this simple verse is all are sinners.  But the other parts to this verse mention, 'fall short of the glory of God.'  Should I claim that this verse does not say God has any glory?  I mean the MAIN IDEA of the verse was that all are sinners, not that God has any glory.  So, would it be logical for me to insist this verse does not show that God has any glory?"  The J.W. was thrust through by the Spirit.  He was struck back.  For the first time, a J.W. did not interrupt me, nor did he change the subject.  Usually, Jehovah's Witnesses would.  However, God moved.  I continued witnessing, "See?  How much lack of common sense would that be if one person insists to look at the main idea of the verse and drop other parts to it?"  

I explained Mark 9 to him again about the literal fires of Hell.  The conversation with him was about an hour.  Although I could not lead him to Christ, he said to me, "You know what?  You are very smart.  You know a lot about the Bible."  I answered him, "Thank you very much.  But it was God revealing the scriptures to you, not me."  I quickly quoted Romans 10:9 to him about how to get saved.  He listened and told me he will think carefully about what I said.  We kindly parted each other.  As time passed by, I never thought memorizing a small verse like Romans 3:23 would confound a J.W.  Dear Christians and Bible-believing soul-winners, do not dare think memory verses, even little ones, are a waste of time!  God's hand is on you when you memorize verses.  Sometimes, a small verse that you memorize can confound the wisdom of the mighty.  "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee."        

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