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Thursday, 14 May 2009 21:33

Throughout various independent, local, Baptist churches, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman is marked as a Fundamentalist divider or a dangerous heretic. A question arises: What is the background of the Fundamentalists’ opposition with Dr. Ruckman? Let us start by looking into what the Fundamentalists believed about the King James Bible.


Fundamentalists Originally Denied an Infallible KJV


The Fundamentalists stood for the major points of true Christianity, but they do not completely believe in the authority of the Bible. They believed the inspired “Bible” was the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, and they believed the new versions were acceptable. To affirm this, take a look at what the recognized Fundamentalist leaders of the past have said.


G. Campbell Morgan:
“You ask me which is the best translation of the New Testament. I do not hesitate to say that it is the American Revision.”1


Reuben A. Torrey:
“By the Bible I do not mean any particular English version of the Scriptures-the Authorized Version, the Revised, or any version-but the Scriptures as originally given. Furthermore, all versions are a substantially accurate rendition of the Hebrew and Aramaic.”2


John R. Rice:
“When we say that the Bible is inspired, we do not refer to the translations or copies but to the original autographs…Translations are not inspired…I have for years checked up with Scriptures in the American Standard Version, that is, the 1901 version, and find it very valuable.”3


Curtis Hutson:
“There is no perfect English translation. This is why we study Greek and Hebrew. The Bible is indeed ‘the Word of God’ insofar as it agrees with the wording of the original Greek and Hebrew autographs. The original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts are the inerrant Word of God.”4


Jack Hyles:
“Don’t tell me that a bunch of baby-baptizing, non-soul-winning, Baptist-hating Episcopalians gave us a perfect translation…Four new creatures are introduced in this verse [Rev. 4:6 (KJV)]. They are called ‘beasts’ [in KJV] but the best translators call them ‘living creatures.’ Really they are ‘full-of-life creatures.”5


Lee Roberson:
“We believe in the infallibility of the scriptures, as given in the original…One of our fine professors, a man who is blind, teaches from the American Standard Version. This was the version which was used in teaching him the scriptures…He is a strong Fundamentalist and a fine teacher and preacher.”6


Bob Jones III and faculty:
“We are interested in which text is closer to the original text of the New Testament, because (1) The Alexandrian manuscripts are much older and closer to the time the originals were written…it is our conviction that these Alexandrian manuscripts…are as a rule the more accurate manuscripts to follow…Therefore, with the great majority of Conservative scholars we believe that the text of Westcott and Hort, based upon these Alexandrian manuscripts, is, as a whole, superior to the text based upon manuscripts of the Middle Ages.”7


Many Bible seminaries are mainly responsible for the spread of doubt against the KJV. The reason is because the Fundamentalist pastors have been trained in Bible seminaries into thinking only the originals are given by inspiration of God. Those seminaries would promote modern versions, correct the KJV with Greek or Hebrew, or admit the KJV is not given by inspiration of God, except the “originals.” Such seminaries are all documented and proven:

Oklahoma Baptist College
Fuller Theological Seminary
Ashland Theological Seminary
Dallas Theological Seminary
Lancaster Bible College
Westminster Theological Seminary
Fairhaven College
Wheaton College Graduate School
Moody Bible Institute
Bob Jones University
Liberty Baptist University
Hyles-Anderson College (before 1980’s)
Tennessee Temple
Central Seminary
Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College
PCC (during Pastor Bob Taylor)
Sword of the Lord (before Shelton Smith)
And many more Christian seminaries! 8


Since a great number of major Bible seminaries had spread much doubt on the minds of the students toward the King James Bible, it is obvious that many Fundamentalist pastors and teachers (who graduated from those schools) spread the doubt on the King James Bible even further in the Fundamentalist movement. Because those Fundamentalists spread their doubt against the KJV among thousands of Christian students, Dr. Ruckman confronted against all of them. From observing his many books, a person can easily notice Dr. Ruckman criticizing the majority of Fundamentalists for their KJV doubts. That is the reason why Fundamentalists condemn Dr. Ruckman, because he boldly confronted them about the KJV issue. That is why “Ruckmanism” was coined by the Fundamentalists in order to make him appear as a cult.


Fundamentalists Now Convert to KJV Onlyism


However, we now have some Fundamentalist leaders claiming to believe and teach the KJV is given by inspiration of God. Jack Hyles used to correct the King James Bible, but in his sermon about the King James Bible, he preached, “I just believe that the King James Bible is that preserved word, or words of God. I believe that all that other versions in the English language are perversions. I think that the preserved words of God are in the King James Bible. That means I think that the NIV is a perversion. The ASV is a perversion. The NASV is a perversion. The New King James is a perversion. The New Scofield is a perversion.”9

John R. Rice (founder of the Sword of the Lord) used to recommend the American Standard Version. But on January 16-18, 2008, Shelton Smith (current editor of the Sword of the Lord) and a few Fundamentalist ministers had a King James Bible Conference at Franklin Road Baptist Church rejecting the new versions and defending the inspiration of the KJV.10

Douglas Stauffer wrote One Book Stands Alone, which defended the KJV and criticized the modern versions. Its purpose was, “In these perilous times, most men are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. I trust that the Lord will use this book to strengthen your faith and help you withstand the onslaught of modern ‘scholarship.’”11 Lee Roberson, who thought the American Standard Version can teach the scriptures, now suddenly agreed in the KJV issue from Stauffer’s book: “The main objective of this [Stauffer’s] work was clearly recognized by Dr. Lee Roberson when he stated, ‘One Book Stands Alone is a spiritual masterpiece. It will strengthen your faith!’”12

Lloyd L. Streeter (co-pastor of PCC) declared, “The King James Bible is the plenarily and verbally inspired Word of God BECAUSE it was translated from words which were breathed out by God, and because those words DID NOT LOOSE THEIR INSPIRATION WHEN THEY WERE TRANSLATED.”13

In the old days of Fundamentalism, the Fundamentalists did not believe the King James Bible was the words of God given by inspiration, yet many of them now finally say the King James Bible is given by inspiration of God, which Dr. Ruckman has always defended and has been criticized by Fundamentalists!


Fundamentalists Owe Their KJV Stand to Dr. Ruckman


It must be realized that if it was not for the unyielding KJV stand of Dr. Ruckman, many Fundamentalists today would not have believed in the inspiration of the King James Bible. In fact, an estimate for the origin of the King James Only movement is given as,


“The origin of the label ‘King-James-Only’ is unclear, though as early as 1987, it was being used to refer to claims of exclusivity for the King James Version and the controversy which had been brewing over these claims for almost a decade.”14


It was earlier than 1960 when Dr. Ruckman stood for the inspiration of the King James Bible while exposing the fraud of Fundamentalist scholarship.15 He published Manuscript Evidence around 1970, which opened the eyes of Christians to the inspiration of the KJV. It was after many years of his KJV stand that there were finally others publicly supporting the KJV Only movement. Not one individual during those times had known any other Christian leader, excluding Dr. Ruckman, who stood for the inspiration of the King James Bible. Lloyd L. Streeter, co-pastor of PCC, even admitted the older generation of Fundamentalists was deceived by conservative scholars into thinking there is no inspiration of the KJV,


“I became a strong King James Bible believer in 1967. It was a lonely position in those days with hardly any preachers around who favored the Traditional Text over the Critical Text. In those days none of us fundamentalist preachers were taught the superiority of the Traditional Text in our colleges or seminaries…We were simply taught that we have many newly found manuscripts now that the King James translators did not have, and that these newly found manuscripts ‘are older and better’…Of course, fundamentalists are not necessarily King James only. No one, to our knowledge, ever said they were…The issue of the text was never a huge issue in fundamentalism until about thirty years ago. Fundamentalists just trusted what they were taught by conservative scholars, who, in turn, had been misled by liberal scholars.”16


It is true that Edward Hills and a few others publicly defended the King James Bible before Dr. Ruckman, but their defense did not become known among the hundreds of Fundamentalist universities. This can be proven in looking at Dr. Ruckman’s Appendix Ten of Problem Texts dated 1980. [Now, the book is entitled The “Errors” in the King James Bible]. The appendix displays the letters from Sword of the Lord foundation, Tennessee Temple schools, Bob Jones University, Lancaster Bible College, Liberty University, and many other renowned Christian universities around 1980 that denied an inerrant KJV or recommended new versions.

Dr. Ruckman created such influence on the KJV-Only issue that Dr. Robert A. Joyner, a Fundamentalist researcher, concluded from heavy investigation that Dr. Ruckman was the one responsible for bringing in the KJV-Only movement. Dr. Joyner went so far in mistakenly claiming not one Christian before Dr. Ruckman believed the solo authority of the King James Bible,


“Peter Ruckman originated the King James Only view. Before the 1950's there were no Christians, Bible Schools, church fathers, martyrs or scholars who restricted Christians to the use of only one version of the Bible…The King James Only view is Ruckmanism and is opposed to all Christendom now and in the past. This is a tremendous truth. I hope the reader can absorb the impact of this statement. Only those poisoned by Ruckmanism are KJV Only.” 17


Dr. Robert Leslie Hymers, a Baptist Bible Fellowship pastor with several degrees, claimed from studying that no one before 1950, except Dr. Ruckman, believed in the inspiration of the King James Bible. He accepted it so strongly that he even challenged any person $1,000 to prove his statement wrong,


“As we have shown, this view that a translation is given by inspiration was unheard of throughout two millennia of church history until Ruckmanism reared its head after 1950…NO BAPTIST OR PROTESTANT SCHOLAR BELIEVED THAT THE KJV WAS GIVEN BY INSPIRATION BEFORE 1950!” 18


Dr. Ruckman had such an effect on the KJV Only stand that Dr. Robert L. Sumner, previous managing editor of the Sword of the Lord and current editor of The Biblical Evangelist, thought that,


“…no fundamentalist before mid-1950 ever claimed inerrancy for a translation.” 19


Of course, all of those Fundamentalists’ statements are wrong, because there were people who did believe in the infallibility and inspiration of the KJV before Dr. Ruckman. [Proof can be found in my article "KJV Believers Before Ruckman"]. But those Fundamentalists’ statements still show something significant: If there were Fundamentalists standing for the inspiration of the KJV before Dr. Ruckman, then where were they? If there were Fundamentalists before Dr. Ruckman believing in the inspiration of the KJV, then the two Fundamentalist doctorates and the previous managing editor of the Sword of the Lord would have easily known that fact and would not have made a drastic mistake of claiming Dr. Ruckman originated the idea of the inspiration of the KJV. This thought should bring to mind that no one but Dr. Ruckman was the only person whose public stand for the inspiration of the KJV was known at that time.

The belief on the inspiration of the KJV was such a big controversy for Fundamentalists that they entitled the people who believed in the inspiration of the KJV as “Ruckmanites.” The word became a popular, broad use that Dr. Sam Gipp (an evangelist and author of KJV defense books) had to write a section about the issue of KJV believers being called “Ruckmanites.”20 Is it not strange to why KJV believers are not called “Gippites,” “Gradyites,” “Riplingerites,” “Hillites,” “Fullerites,” or other names of KJV defenders? If Dr. Ruckman was not the one responsible for bringing in the KJV-Only movement, then why would Fundamentalists entitle KJV believers to be “Ruckmanites”?

Dr. Samuel Gipp and Dr. William Grady are both well-known for their books in defending the King James Bible. Their books have been widely accepted and supported by many Fundamentalists to their stand for the King James Bible. But what must be known is Dr. Samuel Gipp graduated from Dr. Ruckman’s school,21 and Dr. William Grady opened his eyes to the King James Bible issue from Dr. Ruckman’s book Manuscript Evidence.22 If Dr. Ruckman had not stood for the KJV, then those men would not have produced such knowledgeable, acclaimed books that defended the KJV. As a matter of fact, Dr. Grady believed firmly from historical examination,


“For the record (i.e., ‘to clear the air’), had it not been for the prescient and unique ministry of Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, the current remnant of King James Bible-believing Independent Baptists would have never divorced themselves from the misguided recommendations of well-intentioned men such as Dr. John R. Rice and others…Dr. Rice wrote:…The American Standard Version of 1901, widely acclaimed for its word-for-word fidelity to the Greek…‘Certainly the most accurate and most revealing translation of the New Testament that we now have.’ Thus, while the late founder of the Sword of the Lord can still be commended for his writings on the home, Dr. Ruckman should be recognized for his timely defense of the King James Bible (especially in light of 1 Timothy 5:17).” 23


After historically studying, Dr. Grady sincerely believes the Fundamentalists would not be publicly standing for the KJV today if Dr. Ruckman had not continually stood up for the KJV. Dr. Samuel Gipp revealed Dr. Ruckman as,


“He is, without a doubt, the most outspoken champion of the King James Bible in this generation. He is considered an extremely dangerous foe to the Bible critics who teach that God has not preserved His Bible perfect…They live in fear that a member of their congregation will pick up one of Dr. Ruckman’s many books and discover the difference between someone who ‘claims’ to believe that the Bible is perfect and someone who really does…So, today, anyone who really believes that the Bible is the perfect word of God without a mixture of error AND can produce it instead of just talk about it can expect to be called a ‘Ruckmanite’ by someone who feels threatened by their faith and confidence.” 24


There can be no doubt from all of this research that if Dr. Ruckman did not make such an effective stand for the inspiration of the KJV, there would have been many Fundamentalists in the 1950’s to the 1990’s corrupting many of the common Fundamentalists to doubt the KJV today. Thus, if it was not for Dr. Ruckman’s solo stand of the KJV back in the 1950’s, thousands of Fundamentalists would have not believed in the inspiration of the KJV today.


“KJV-Only” Fundamentalists Still Condemn Dr. Ruckman


Despite of the Fundamentalists suddenly converting to the KJV-Only Movement, they
still attack Dr. Ruckman for his KJV defense. Why? After all, Dr. Ruckman was primarily the one responsible for the impact of the KJV-Only movement. The grounds for their attacks was this: Ruckmanism goes to the extreme of believing that the King James Bible is a new inspiration or new revelation of God superior in correcting the Greek and Hebrew Bible from which it came. Hence, came the two words, which defined the new inspiration, new revelation, and KJV superiority over the Hebrew and Greek: double-inspiration and advanced revelation. Those two words became the primary excuse of Fundamentalists to condemn Dr. Ruckman.

Ian Paisley, a famous Irish preacher close with Bob Jones Jr., proudly said about the KJV, “Now the question is asked, ‘Have I got God’s inspired Word in my hand?’ I want to answer it. ‘YES, I HAVE GOD’S INSPIRED WORD IN MY HAND!’”25 But then he attacked Dr. Ruckman, “This new doctrine called Dual Inspiration which affirms that the process extends to the Authorised Version is known as Ruckmanism, after Dr. Peter S. Ruckman who popularized this doctrine, had its beginnings in Rome.”26

In January 16-18, 2008, at the Franklin Road Baptist Church’s King James Bible Conference, Shelton Smith and other Fundamental ministers had their sessions defending the inspiration of the KJV. However, they also were “Rebutting the extremism of double inspiration, etc.”27 One of those rebutters of the so-called double-inspiration was David Sorenson, who wrote Touch Not the Unclean Thing. The book was documented to defend the KJV, yet he mentioned his book, “[d]ocuments the basic error of Peter Ruckman.”28

Robert Leslie Hymers recognized that there were Fundamentalists believing the inspiration of the KJV, but he also knew that those same Fundamentalists rejected the idea about the advanced revelation of the KJV. Hymers wrote, “Some men have seen the error of advanced revelation in Ruckmanism and have rejected it, while holding…the preservation of the KJV, or the inerrancy of the KJV.”29

The Fundamentalists, who have finally woken up to stand for the KJV, now continue to criticize Dr. Ruckman on the basis that he teaches double inspiration and advanced revelation. But Dr. Ruckman never taught such a doctrine that the KJV was a new inspiration or new revelation of God superior in correcting the Greek and Hebrew Bible from which it came! It is true that he believes in advanced revelation, double inspiration, and the superiority of the KJV over the Hebrew and Greek, but not the way that the Fundamentalists interpreted! Dr. Ruckman simply believes the KJV is the words of God given by inspiration. That was it!


Fundamentalist Lie about Believing in the KJV


Although there are Fundamentalists now believing in the King James Bible, there are still other Fundamentalists doubting the King James Bible. An important note to keep in mind is there are Fundamentalists claiming that the KJV is the word of God while they are actually not believing that claim with all of their heart. Here are some examples. Robert Leslie Hymers described how he believes the KJV to be the word of God,


“When we call the King James Version ‘the Word of God in English,’ this statement actually corrects Ruckmanism, if understood properly. Ruckman teaches that the KJV is given by inspiration, coming down from heaven so to speak, God giving the very words in English. However, the very words were given by God only in Hebrew and Greek, not in English…the KJV accurately carries over the words from Greek and Hebrew into English, with only a minute number of human errors…Because of the high degree of accuracy of the KJV,…it is perfectly proper, in nontechnical language, to call the KJV ‘the Word of God.’” 30


At a public speech in Bob Jones University, Ian Paisley described how he believes the KJV to be given by inspiration of God,


“Let me state again emphatically that no translation is given by inspiration of God. Inspiration applies only to the original autograph. Inspiration has to do with the giving of the Scriptures, not their translation. And those who speak otherwise deceive those that they address…Again the King James Version was produced by men absolutely dedicated to the verbal inspiration of the Bible—hence, their use of italics to indicate an English word for which there is no equivalent in the original Hebrew and Greek…Now the question is asked, ‘Have I got God’s inspired Word in my hand?’ I want to answer it. ‘YES, I HAVE GOD’S INSPIRED WORD IN MY HAND.’ THE AUTHORIZED VERSION IS A RELIABLE AND ACCURATE TRANSLATION OF THE VERBALLY INSPIRED WORD OF GOD, and I can pin my hopes on its promises knowing them to be the Word of a God that cannot lie. I CAN ABSOLUTELY DEPEND ON THIS BOOK. IT BRINGS TO ME ACCURATELY AND CLEARLY THE INSPIRED WORD OF THE LIVING GOD—the word eternally begotten in Heaven, and thank God, eternally settled in Heaven.” 31


There was a Christian who went to churches that claimed to be “KJV Only” (Cornerstone Baptist Church and Berean Bible Church) and associated with Fundamentalists who claimed to be “KJV Only” (Bob Jones College graduates, Lancaster Bible College graduates, and Tennessee Temple graduates). Even though he was in those “KJV Only” churches and associated with “KJV Only” Fundamentalists, he was later shocked that those same people actually thought the KJV had a few errors and was only a translation not given by inspiration.32

One pastor by the name of Dick Cooke did not really know how the KJV is the word of God until he heard a man by the name of Clint Akins teaching on the defense of the KJV. Pastor Cooke had his faith in the KJV strengthened, but when he went to his Tennessee Temple Bible school, his heart sank as soon as he heard his teacher professing, “Now students, I believe the KJV is the word of God, and it’s the only book we’ll use in this class,” and later saying, “It does have errors in it.”33

Before my father started an independent Korean Baptist church, he attended a Fundamentalist church in New Hampshire. The pastor always held the King James Bible and proudly declared, “This Book is the word of God.” Later when my dad read Problem Texts, the pastor lectured against him about Dr. Ruckman. My father asked his pastor if he truly believed the KJV to be 100% correct. The pastor replied, “I believe it is 99% correct, because it is not the original Hebrew and Greek.” My father was stunned and said, “I thought you believed the KJV is without error, because you always said that at the pulpit that this Bible is the word of God without error while holding the KJV in your left hand.”

Like those examples, there are Fundamentalists claiming the KJV is the word of God while they are not truly believing it. There are indeed “KJV-Only” Fundamentalists correcting the KJV with a Greek, Hebrew, or English dictionary. Watch them!

Dr. Robert A. Joyner states from research,


“Most of the leading Bible schools and seminaries are not KJV Only. Examples are Bob Jones University, Tennessee Temple, and Liberty University. The Baptist Bible Fellowship is the largest Independent Baptist Fellowship, and it is not KJV Only.” 34


The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship said in their news bulletin for July/August 1984,


“We reject as heretical the concept that any translation of the Bible is given by inspiration, which has in our generation fostered a cult. We believe firmly that inspiration ceased upon the closure of the canon of Scripture in the original autographs. We likewise reject the practice of exalting any version or translation to the position held uniquely by the original writings.”


It should be known that Fundamentalism has always denied the KJV being the infallible words of God. Fundamentalist pastors should not be trusted, even if they claim to be KJV believers. Although there may be Fundamentalists truly believing the KJV to be the infallible words of God, a Bible-believing Christian must be careful to trust a certain Fundamentalist church, which alleges to be KJV-Only.


Fundamentalists Criticize Right Doctrines


Not only are there Fundamentalists doubting the KJV as the true words of God, but there are Fundamentalists criticizing the right doctrines of God’s words. Doctrines such as Dispensational Salvations, the Gap Fact, Spiritual Circumcision, and the differences of the Kingdom of Heaven with the Kingdom of God are considered as dangerous heresies by Ruckmanism.

Curtis Hutson, late editor of the Sword of the Lord, criticized Dispensational Salvations,

“Here is yet another of Ruckman’s plans of salvation – the so-called ‘gospel of endurance.’ What a contradiction of terms! The word Gospel means ‘good news.’ It is certainly not good news to know that one must endure to the end in order to be saved…He gives several reasons why a person can supposedly lose his salvation during the Tribulation…More of Ruckman’s rabid ramblings are found…” 35


Kent Hovind, founder of Creation Science Evangelism, criticized the Gap Fact,


“…communism, humanism, and Nazism…The acceptance of the gap theory opened the floodgates for these ideologies, which have caused untold suffering as well as hundreds of millions of deaths in the last two centuries.” 36


Robert Leslie Hymers, a Baptist Bible Fellowship pastor, criticized Spiritual Circumcision,


“It should be noted that no one but Ruckman has put out this theory concerning the soul, as having a bodily shape and being stuck to the inside of the body, then cut loose at the new birth!...Did this strange experience color his thinking regarding the new birth?” 37


Mal Crouch, author of The Dictionary of Premillennial Theology, criticized about the differences of the Kingdom of Heaven with the Kingdom of God,


“…though some dispensationalists may disagree, it appears by all the evidence that the two expressions [Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God] are use synonymously, but with a certain emphasis.” 38


Shelton Smith, current editor of the Sword of the Lord, criticized about salvation by works being mentioned in the Bible,


“Now here is the clincher to make my position on this a virtual certainty—no Bible passage, absolutely none, promises Heaven for works. Here this is at the very last breath of divine inspiration (Rev. 22) and it certainly is not introducing some heretofore undisclosed wrinkle in God’s plan of redemption.” 39


But Dr. Peter S. Ruckman teaches those doctrines, which are being condemned by the Fundamentalists. That is why Fundamentalists mark him and his associates as a fanatical cult called “Ruckmanism.”


Famous Fundamentalists Accepted Dr. Ruckman


If the truth was to be known, Dr. Ruckman is not a fanatical cult whom every Fundamentalist pastor should avoid. If Fundamentalist church members had known certain famous Fundamentalist leaders who had praised and associated with Dr. Ruckman, they would probably change their opinions about him. Dr. Ruckman is a simple pastor who earned his Ph.D. from Bob Jones, preached in church services of Hugh F. Pyle, and had connections with Lester Roloff, Carl T. Lackey, and Beauchamp Vick (the founder of the Baptist Bible Fellowship).

One of the responses to the Sword of the Lord quoted,


“I will not attempt to defend Dr. Ruckman; he’s quite able to do that for himself. Dr. G.B. Vick stated from his pulpit in the presence of Bob Jones Jr. that Dr. Ruckman was the greatest Bible teacher in America. He said this two weeks before his death in 1976.” 40


Two more witnesses can testify for a fact that Beauchamp Vick was a close acquaintance with Dr. Ruckman. Those witnesses are Vick’s grandsons, Larry Bartlett and Bill Bartlett, who both preached in Dr. Ruckman’s revival services. 41

Hugh F. Pyle, a well-respected columnist for the Sword of the Lord, wrote about Dr. Ruckman as,


“He had read thousands of books including Greek philosophy and French infidelity. With a photographic mind he could read a page while I was turning to it. He had a tremendous radio voice, could sing, and was a most amazing artist...Peter Ruckman already had a degree from the University of Alabama but he went on to Bob Jones the next Fall to get his Master’s and his Ph.D…When he preached for us in my pastorates he always inspired our people to love God and to hunger to know more of the Bible…He is a genius in many respects. Dr. Bob Jones, Sr., said that Ruckman was the most brilliant man ever to set foot on the campus.” 42


Carl T. Lackey, whom Larry Brown and other Fundamentalists associate with,43 preached in Dr. Ruckman’s church meetings. One of Lackey’s close friends, the late pastor James A. Lince, witnessed,


“I recall a meeting in Pensacola Fl. a few years back at Bible Baptist Church. It was
either a Blowout meeting or graduation meeting and there were a lot of students there from the Pensacola Bible Institute. The great North Carolina preacher, Dr. Carl T. Lackey, was preaching the meetings. One night he opened up his sermon by saying something like this: ‘I don’t need to pray before I begin, I’m ready to preach right now.’”


Lester Roloff, whom many Fundamentalists admire, was such a close friend of Dr. Ruckman that he even used Dr. Ruckman’s commentaries of Genesis and Revelation. He gave them to one of his associates named Ron Robinson for studying the Bible.45

As you can observe, Dr. Ruckman is not some fanatical cult, whom Fundamentalists claim. He was acknowledged as a Bible genius and had connections with Beauchamp Vick, Hugh F. Pyle, Lester Roloff, Carl T. Lackey, and Bob Jones, Sr.
Fundamentalist churches of today are standing on separation from the world and teaching the major doctrines of the Bible. However, they teach doctrines contrary to the Bible and doubt some of the words in the KJV. In these days, there are other Fundamentalists truly standing for the KJV, but since Fundamentalists keep changing their beliefs, it is confusing to know which Fundamentalist truly believes or does not believe the KJV as the inerrant words of God.


(Please click on this link to read "KJV Believers before Ruckman":  http://bbcenglish.org/index.php?option=com _content&view=article&id=122:kjv-believers-before-ruckman&catid=53:doctrine&Itemid=88).



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45 Pastor Ron Robinson has the evidence with him. His contact information is:

Northstar Baptist Church
315 5th Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
(907) 374-8775




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