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Saturday, 11 May 2013 10:50

Question: How can an all-good God exist? Answer: By just seeing how His goodness works in both the good and the bad, people will recognize that this question does not even have to be answered. Perhaps the most popular argument that Atheists will use to disprove the existence of God is to criticize His goodness. Why are there millions suffering poverty? Why allow wars to destroy many innocent lives? Why are there babies facing starvation? Why are there children growing up without any fathers and mothers? Why are good people being persecuted for nothing wrong? Why is there unfairness in life? The questions can go on and on. If such an all-good God exists, He would surely show compassion on such people who are suffering pain day after day. But they fail to see that He already did, still does, and will do. From the beginning of creation to the end of the age, the Lord gives us grace and mercy time and time again. However, skeptics do not see His goodness, because they try to nitpick any suffering in life. Although it cannot be denied that evil, sin, and death is in our world, it cannot be denied that God is still more than good to us.


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