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Friday, 03 May 2013 19:27

Question 12: What is wrong with contemporary music? Answer: Everything is wrong. Just because the words may sound "Christian," it doesn't mean the music is. The problem with our world is they think that as long as something is "Christian," then it is "okay" to use. But something that is of God cannot be tainted with even one percent of wickedness. Contemporary music covers nearly everything wrong that people hear. Such include heavy metal, light rock, jazz, pop, bebop, swing, hip-hop, funk, blues, rap, and any other genre of popular music. Its historical roots can be traced back to African voodoo. In fact, some famous musicians would associate themselves with Satanic masters behind the background of their songs. The music is also proven by psychologists, doctors, historians, and musicians to stimulate mental problems, lusts, and rebellion. To combine this with Christian words is nothing but complete blasphemy. How can a man with a clean and holy conscience mingle the words of Christ with the music of Satan? It can never be reconciled for spiritual purposes. Every note must be created for the glory of God.


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