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Friday, 19 April 2013 12:51

Question: Which verses allude to reincarnation? Answer: A pretty good number allude to reincarnation, such as Job 1, Ecclesiastes 5, Matthew 11, 17, John 9, and Galatians 6. Constantly, we have seen how the world can use any verse to justify any sin. Here is another example of using the Bible to support something completely wrong. There are lost and saved people quoting passages that allude to reincarnation. There are Eastern religions nowadays that will try to reconcile with Christianity. The Western world has this mentality that all religions may have minor differences but essentially believe in the same thing. We all worship the same God. It is just that our God has different names and designs. However, Bible-believers know for a fact that our faith is not the same as theirs, because the scriptures clearly show the differences. Thus, the crafty devil has his own people searching the scriptures to try to defend other religions. In reality, there is absolutely no verse that supports reincarnation. There are verses that specifically condemn reincarnation. This metaphysical belief can only be justified when reading the Bible in an abstract manner, rather than taking its words as it exactly says.


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