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Friday, 05 April 2013 18:37

Question: Did Jesus really drink wine? Answer: Absolutely not. To do so will be labeling Him as unfaithful, unholy, and an unacceptable sacrifice for our sins. That is how important the matter is according to the claims of the Bible. Our salvation depends on the fact whether Christ really drank wine or not. There have been many verses used by alcholics or "moderate" drinkers to prove that there is nothing wrong with liquor. They will go so far as to say that our Lord and Savior drank liquor as well. Such passages will be references to the drinking of wine at the Last Supper or the marriage in Cana. If the scriptures point out that alcohol is a sin, they will reinterpret the passages by claiming it was only condemning "abusive" drinking rather than "moderate" drinking. However, their arguments fail when looking at everything of what the Bible says rather than just picking and choosing verses to fit one's own preference. There is absolutely no doubt that God condemns drinking and even sipping alcohol. And there is absolutely no doubt that the word of God clearly reveals that Jesus never in his life had drunk one drop of alcohol.


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