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Friday, 15 March 2013 15:31

Question: Are miracles available today? Answer: Yes, if they are from God. No, if they are from men. I believe in miracles, but I do not believe in miracle workers. I only have faith in a God full of miracles, no other person. In the Bible, there were indeed miracle workers who had the signs and wonders. However, those signs and wonders only lasted till the last age of the apostles. In fact, near the end of the apostles, the signs were reaching near the end as well. From the beginning of Exodus till the end of Acts, the Lord has undoubtedly used many people to perform miracles. These are what I agree to be true signs from God, but I do not agree to the so-called signs being performed by Charismatic leaders today. Some will insist that believers can do miracles because of so-called proofs they have seen of people being cured in healing meetings. But that is the problem. What about curing other people, aside from the ones who attended the meetings? This way, the individual can prove that the miracles are genuine, not staged. Even if they were genuine, Satan can perform miracles in the name of Christ as well. Many scriptural evidences point to the fact that the signs had been gone long ago.


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