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Thursday, 12 July 2012 01:01

Redactor criticism is perhaps the greatest criticism that successfully made the world of scholarship to doubt the supernatural truth of the Bible. It teaches that a group of editors or redactors took the scriptures and edited them to their liking. So not all of the authors in the Old Testament were genuine and real. But they have no proof of this idea whatsoever. Yet the secular professors use this theory to shake the faith of Christian believers. They will argue that not all of the stories in the Bible were true accounts, but rather consisted of myths and legends. This study will cover questions such as, "Why is the Bible actually more dependable than redactor criticism?" "What are the reasons and evidences that support the Bible rather than redactor criticism?" "Why is redactor criticism of the devil?" "Didn't the redactors create the book of Genesis with myths?" "How do you know the authors of the Bible are real?" "Aren't there two or more redactors who wrote the book of Isaiah?" "How can the book of Daniel really be a prophetic book when redactors wrote it after the events were fulfilled?" "How does the testimony of Jesus and the apostles support the authority of the scriptures?" "Didn't the gospel writers copy the story of Jesus from one original document and make changes in it?" "Why can we believe in the accounts of the New Testament writers?"


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