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Friday, 15 June 2012 14:37

The most powerful religion in the world is undoubtedly Roman Catholicism. It has reigned supreme in height throughout the centuries over empires, governments, kings, and dominions. The reason why it has attained such vast control is because of its followers who put their final authority on the Catholic Church itself. Millions of adherents completely submit their souls under the will of their priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes. Believing that their religious leaders are the only ones who tell them what the Lord wants, they blindly listen to whatever those men say as if they are the oracles of God. There are three issues that misguide them into thinking that the Vatican powers are the final authority of their faith. One is the foundation of the church. Rather than placing Christ as the foundation of the church, the Catholics insist that the church is founded upon the popes. By using Matthew 16:18, they try to claim that Peter is the first pope whom the Lord founded the church upon. Because Jesus said that the church is built upon the rock, the final authority is founded upon Peter as their rock. The second is confession. Catholics turn to Matthew 18:18 and argue that Christ gave the power to forgive sins towards his disciples. Therefore, confession is necessary for salvation, because the Catholic church leaders have the power to forgive sins. The third is the canonization of the Bible. Since Christians persist to have the Bible as their final authority, the Catholics shake their faith by claiming that the Catholic Council was the one who provided them the Bible to begin with. Concerning these three areas, what doth the scriptures say?


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