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Friday, 04 May 2012 11:26

Continuing where we left off at the seven judgments, the study will explain the various judgments in the word of God that carry out different tasks and take place at different dispensations. The common belief that nearly everyone adheres to, besides Bible-believers, is that the Lord will have a final judgment condemning the lost into Hell and taking the saved into Heaven. However, they fail to read their Bible like they were supposed to, and as a result, they fail to see that there is a judgment for Jews, a judgment for Christians, a judgment for Gentiles, a judgment for angels, and even a judgment for Satan himself. The final topic in our seven series is the seven sevens, which is titled so due to an exhaustive examination of the scriptures hinting many usages of seven within its references. Unless a person is a careful and diligent reader, he or she would not be able to discover the hidden revelation of how Christ showed us His timetable to the Millennial Kingdom. Much significance is stressed on the Sabbath and how the Bible applies the Sabbath to a creation at rest. Multiple verses reveal how many times the number seven expresses the theme of rest. Now here comes the conclusion to the seven series, discussing the seven judgments and seven sevens.


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