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Friday, 27 April 2012 13:48

In the Sanhedrin where Paul preached about the resurrection of the dead, the religious doctors among the Sadducees fiercely argued against it. In the school of Athens where Paul preached about the resurreciton of the dead, the philosophical scholars among the Greeks laughed to scorn. The resurrection of the dead is a true fact found in the holy scriptures. Despite of what educated critics and dumb skeptics might say, Bible-believers teach the reality of seven resurrections that can be traced in the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses think there is only one resurrection, which is when all the lost and saved will wake out of soul sleep at the final day of Judgment. However, they hardly study at all that they do not realize that particular resurrection is just one out of several others. When an average Christian dies and goes to Heaven, it will be natural for him to be shocked that he is standing before Christ at the judgment. He tells God, "I thought I'm saved, so I don't have to worry about facing you at the Judgment." But the Lord tells him, "What are you talking about? Didn't you know there were several more you had to face?" To clarify the understanding, there is not just one Judgment in which the Almighty Judge sends one side to Heaven and the other side to Hell. There are seven judgments in the Bible. As usual, nearly all Christians mix all seven together and create a mess of false doctrines. The verses about the judgment of God that Charismatics, Calvinists, and New Evangelicals use to apply to saved individuals are not applied to saved individuals at all! The next part of the seven series continues with the seven resurrections and the seven judgments.


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