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Friday, 20 April 2012 09:41

In the Bible, it contains seven mysteries that no one but a diligent reader can unlock. There are many things that we cannot understand about God and His ways. In particular, these seven points are the main things that stand out as a great mystery, which still cannot be understood by men today. The word of God also reveals another series of sevens and that is the seven baptisms. Because Christians do not learn to rightly divide the word of truth, they have practically stumbled on the textual problems of baptism. Hyperdispensationalists, Catholics, Mormons, Charismatics, and many other cults have literally wreaked havoc on the Holy Ghost baptism, the baptism of fire, baptismal regeneration, the neglect of water baptism, and the baptism of Acts 2:38. They do not realize that all these baptisms are separate from one another! Only a Bible-believer can find out the correct answers for the seven mysteries and seven baptisms in the scriptures. Now, what are the seven hidden mysteries and the seven separate baptisms that can be found in the word of God?


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