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Friday, 06 April 2012 13:26

Not many would have probably heard this practice before. This is a prayer that focuses on one thought, image, sentence, phrase, or word with no outside distractions interfering. Several forms of contemplative prayer, include labyrinths, breath prayers, and yoga. One main thing they all share in common is the emptying of the mind and body. If one were to study the origins, it is completely Buddhist, Hindu, New Age, and Occult. Yet there are churches who actually take these mystic and dark practices as part of their spiritual life. How can one honestly take something Satanic and call it "Christian"? The Emergents or Church Emerging is the one so-called Christian church who would be apostate enough to perform contemplative prayer in their congregations. This audio will quote documentations and provide scriptural evidences proving the errors of contemplative prayer. Undoubtedly, even if this makes an individual feel closer to the presence of Jesus, there is always some devil taking part in this prayer method.


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