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Friday, 09 March 2012 15:39

Many people today think that Atheism is one of the hardest beliefs to deal with, but in reality, it can actually turn out to be one of the easiest. Whether you believe it or not, Atheism is one of the most foolish ideals to believe in because it is completely irrational. One basic question proves once and for all why there has to be some Supernatural Powerful Creator Who created all of this complicated universe: Where did the original source of our creation come from? When you ask this question, there are only four ways where the original source came from. This audio will explain what those four ways are and prove conclusively why there has to be a Supernatural Powerful Being existing. In this study, the speaker has welcomed and challenged the audience to give him the toughest arguments of Atheists and disprove the existence of God. You will be surprised how the speaker so easily and completely demolishes the Atheistic arguments. This is not because the speaker is knowledgeable in the philosophies, sciences, or theologies for the existence of God. He merely sticks to only one key that easily shatters on what even seems to be the hardest and complicated arguments of Atheist intellectuals. That one key will be taught as understandably as possible and make the listener fully confident to debate any Atheist with the greatest of ease. Try listening to this audio, and you might be really surprised on how simple it is to prove that God exists. In the end, the audience will recognize that God is truly right for saying, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."


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