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Saturday, 21 January 2012 13:44

Many times believers saved by grace have encountered various cults claiming salvation by works with scripture. The passages they turn to are often referring to Old Testament salvation. Charismatics, Neo-evangelicals, and Fundamentalists are at a loss to speak when these false religionists point out verses clearly saying that salvation is by works. How can they solve this problem? They try to reinterpret the Bible according to their own liking. But that is not how you treat the word of God. When a verse says clearly that salvation is by works, then you should stick to what the Lord said whether you like it or not. Thousands of Christians insist that everything in the scriptures is completely salvation by faith alone without works. However, what are you going to do with literally multiple passages that state plainly that one must perform some work to save his or her soul? Baptists desperately pull out New Testament portions that point out salvation by faith without works, but the problem is that those obviously refer to the New Testament Church Age, not Old Testament. Furthermore, Paul, who zealously argued salvation by faith alone, confessed that Old Testament salvation abided by the law before faith came through Christ's death on the cross. This study will greatly give Christians the ammunition to deal with various cults who try to prove salvation by works with scripture when those verses actually apply to the Old Testament era.


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