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Sunday, 15 January 2012 21:10

This doctrine is probably not known by the majority of people today, including independent Baptists. There are Fundamentalists such as Curtis Hutson and Robert Leslie Hymers who criticize this topic as a strange invented idea. However, the word of God shows many verses about spiritual circumcision. Before you got saved, your soul was stuck to your body of sin. Throughout the book of Leviticus especially, the reader can observe many instances of a soul doing a bodily function. But as soon as you knelt on the ground and asked Christ to become your personal Savior, the Spirit came down upon you. What the Holy Ghost did is that He cut your soul from your body of sins. That is why no matter how many sins a Christian commits in his body, his soul is still free from sin and can enter Heaven without an ounce of sin. When an honest Bible-believer truly studies the verses and compares the Old and New Testaments, that same individual can realize that there is really a sticking and dividing of souls going on. For now, the audience may not understand, but by listening to this audio and giving careful attention to the teaching and reading of the scriptures, the Lord will be able to enlighten your eyes and see this amazing subject called "Spiritual Circumcision."


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