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Monday, 20 April 2009 00:57

Here in California, the marriage rights of sodomites were revoked.  Prop 8 was established (Prop 8 states that marriage is between only a man and a woman).  Our church thanked God for that!  However, the sodomites continued up and down the streets insisting on "No Prop 8."  In my town, I posted a "Yes on Prop 8" sign in front of our apartment complex.  But somebody tore my sign and replaced his "No Prop 8" sign in front of it.  Well, God worked it out.  Eventually, his sign was torn as well, and another "Yes on 8" sign was posted.  This incident made me think there are some parts of my town wickedly permitting homosexual marriage.  

God sent a Hurrican Ivan to ruin Pensacola beach where all the sodomites flaunted their perversity.  God sent a Hurricane Katrina to ruin New Orleans where the sodomites held their parade.  Despite of that incident, the sodomites insistently continued their homosexual parade down the ruined streets of New Orleans.  God sent a revocation to the marriage rights of sodomites in California.  Despite of that incident, the sodomites insistently continued to vote "No Prop 8."  Sodomites were spreading all over the cities crying out, "Let Gays have their rights!"  News reporters were commenting about the homosexual rally, "These people are nice.  They are not rude.  Just look at them.  Have the camera zoom around this place.  Look at them.  All are kind and non-violent people."  Straight people in the homosexual rally said, "Hey, we're not gays.  It's not fair for us to be married while our other gay friends do not have the joy to be married as well!"   

Now, we have another judgment from God.  While the sodomites rallied a "No Prop 8" and caused a heavy traffic jam in Los Angeles, a fire from God burned in Northeast of Los Angeles.  The fire reached my town as well.  My father and I were already in Garden Grove before we heard about the fire incident.  But my mother was still in the town.  She quickly took a few items and drove her car away.  She was the last person to leave the apartment!  While driving, she saw a large fire burning on the hillside next to our apartment.  Smoke filled up the skies.  Ambers flew around the atmosphere.  And in the midst of the dark clouds, one can see the sun burned in red, looking like the eye of God was in a rage.  It was as if God was judging "Sodom and Gomorrah" with "fire and brimstone."  My family and I were like the Bible character "Lot," who escaped the fires of Sodom.  While we were listening to the radio, we heard many buliding structures in our town were burned to the ground.  Already yielding to the Almighty's will, we left everything in God's hands. 

At the next day, we were allowed to return home.  Unlike "Lot," who lost his house and possessions, God miraculously preserved our apartment.  Our apartment was right next to a hillside that was caught on fire.  The fire burned a storehouse to the ground, but somehow, the fire was stopped right in front of our parking lot.  Not one leaf of a bush was burned, nor one burnt mark of our car was seen in our parking lot.  Amazingly, the fire just stopped RIGHT NEXT to our parking lot.  Ladies and Gentlement, let me tell you:  THERE IS A MIRACULOUS GOD!  And He is still in the miracle business today!  This article you are now reading is written in a house of a "Lot" that was saved from the fires of God!  God's judgment upon "Sodom and Gomorrah" was displayed, and God's judgment upon His children was prevented.  What can I say?  All I can shout is "Bless God!"

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