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Monday, 20 April 2009 00:50
Thank you, Lord. I realize that this statement is said many times in our everyday life, but it never seemed so true to me until after "the Blowout" here at Pensacola Bible Institute. Our guest speakers were Bro. Haveman, Bro. Utley, and Bro. Hernandez. In.... well, all of their sermons consisted of how small, dirty, and unworthy we really are in this world. I do not know about some people, but if you stop thinking about yourself for once, you will see how meaningless your life really is, that is, without Christ. When you were lost, abandoned, and all alone, Jesus Christ came down from his heavenly home to pick you up from the mire, washed you, and made you his own when you were unworthy of it. And if that's not enough, when you die, you won't have to burn in HELL. If that doesn't make you shout, then there is something seriously wrong with you, but if you see how fortunate you are that Christ would die for a filthy sinner like you, then you will be saying, "Thank You, Lord" with a whole new different attitude than you have had before.
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