This is an outline from Dr. Gene Kim on all the branches of theology and the fundamental doctrines within.






Bibliology (Doctrine of the Bible)

·      The Bible

·      Production of the Bible

·      Inspiration of the Bible

·      Canon of the Bible

·      Redactor Criticism of the Bible



Theology (Doctrine of God)

·      Balance and Attributes of God

·      General Revelation of God

·      Special Revelation of God

·      Trinity of God

·      Fear of God

·      Sovereignty of God

·      Names of God

·      Seven Judgments of God



Christology (Doctrine of Christ)

·      Deity of Christ

·      Humanity of Christ

·      Humiliation of Christ

·      Crucifixion of Christ

·      Resurrection of Christ

·      Ascension of Christ

·      Intercession of Christ



Pneumatology (Doctrine of the Holy Spirit)

Deity and Personality of the Holy Spirit

Work of the Holy Spirit

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Filling of the Holy Spirit

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit



Anthropology (Doctrine of Man)

·      Origin of Man

·      Creation of Man

·      Fall of Man

·      Flesh and Spirit of Man

·      Tripartite Being of Man



Hamartiology (Doctrine of Sin)

·      Sin

·      Seriousness of Sin

·      Penalty of Sin

·      Temptations of Sin

·      Victorious Christian Life over Sin



Soteriology (Doctrine of Salvation)

·      Faith for Salvation

·      Repentance for Salvation

·      Regeneration for Salvation

·      Adoption for Salvation

·      Remission for Salvation

·      Justification for Salvation

·      Results of Salvation



Christianology (Doctrine of Christians)

·      Basic Duties of Christians

·      Eternal Security of Christians

·      Sanctification of Christians

·      Confession of Christians

·      Prayer of Christians

·      Quiet Time for Christians

·      Worship for Christians

·      Suffering Christians

·      Backsliding Christians

·      Grace of Giving for Christians

·      Fellowship and Separation of Christians

·      Finding the Lord’s Will for Christians


Ecclesiology (Doctrine of the Church)

·      The Church

·      Ordinances of the Church

·      Offices of the Church

·      Place of the Layman in Church

·      Negative Ministry of the Church

·      Streetpreaching from the Church



Angelology (Doctrine of Angels)

·      Angels

·      Angelic Offices

·      Angel of the Lord

·      Fallen Angels

·      Heaven, Home of Angels



 Demonology (Doctrine of Devils)

·      The Devil

·      Devils

·      Devil Possession

·      Devilish Attacks

·      Hell, Home of Devils



Eschatology (Doctrine of End Times)

·      Rapture in the End Times

·      Tribulation in the End Times

·      Judgment Seat of Christ in the End Times

·      Second Advent in the End Times

·      Millennium in the End Times