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Sunday, 27 May 2012 19:35

This has been the constant struggle of every Christian today. Because of these, many have fallen by the wayside and ruined by the devil. there are believers who whine thinking that they cannot conquer their temptations and think the lusts are stronger than them. The reason why people mess up in sin, follow their flesh, reject the truths of God, and even go to Hell is because of the temptations filling up in their mind and ensnaring them in its traps. This study will cover questions such as, "What is the source of temptation?" "Why does Genesis say God tempts people and James say God doesn't tempt people?" "Why does 2 Samuel say that the Lord moved David to sin while 1 Chronicles say that Satan actually moved David to sin?" "What do you mean saved Christians cause temptations as well?" "Why does God allow temptations to happen?" "What verse proves to me that I can bear my temptation that I go through?" "What are the methods and types of temptations?" "What are the two results of temptations?" "What are the tips that can give me victory over temptations?" "How can I become more like Jesus when temptations are strong?"


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